Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I think we very often taken color for granted. It probably sounds like a silly thing to say, but we really overlook all that color does for us. Color saves lives, represents how we feel, who we are, informs us, and we even learn to love and hate certain colors.

Color saves lives by being present in an ambulance, to tell people to get out of the way because someone is in a life threatening situation. It also saves lives by warning us of dangerous situations or hazardous materials.

In addition to saving lives, color expresses how we feel. We associate many colors with different feelings, both emotional and physical. Green can represent envy, but also sickness. Red can represent love, but also anger as well.

We use color to represent who we are or where we are from in flags. Different patterns of colors put together make up a flag that symbolizes an entire nation. The flag of the United Kindom is actually made up of the three flags of the countries that are the UK: St. George's Cross of England, St. Andrew's Cross of Scotland, and St. Patrick's Cross of Ireland. All three are simple designs which are overlayed on each other to create a more elaborate symbol of the united countries.

We also learn to like or dislike a certain color because of what it is associated with. One good example of this would be the associations of red and blue with the political parties. Democrats dislike the "red" states because they are primarily republican, and vice versa.