Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I think turquoise is an often overlooked color. We automatically think of blue, or even teal. And in some shades, turqouise isn't the most appealing color, but other times it's quite nice. The word turquoise actually comes from the French word for Turkish. The color is actually based on the gemstone turquoise...


In holistic medicine, turquoise is believed to have a caliming effect. It is often used to treat patients who are prone to panic attacks or mania. Many psychiatric hospitals paint their walls turquoise or other shades of light blue to calm their patients.
Turquoise is also closely related to water. This is where the shades aqua and aquamarine get their names. The Carribbean is often referred to as 'The Turquoise' because of the shallow waters that take on the color in sunlight.

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